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Kamis, 28 Mei 2009


Narrative adalah teks yang bercerita tentang sesuatu yang imajinatif atau khayalan belaka. Tujuannya untuk menghibur pembaca.
  Struktur teks Narrative terdiri diri :
1. Orientation ( pendahuluan cerita) : Memperkenalkan tokoh-tokoh dalam cerit latar/ setting cerita, waktu kejadian cerita, tokoh utama cerita.
2. Complication : Munculnya permasalahan di antara tokoh-tokoh tersebut. Meliputi situasi, kejadian , atau peristiwa yang mendorong terjadinya klimaks atau komplikasi.
3. Resolution : Masalah dapat di atasi dan merupakan akhir dari cerita. 
  Karakteristik teks Narrative: 
1. Menggunkan past tense
2.Biasanya di mulai dengan adverb ( kata keterangan waktu) seperti long time ago , once upon a time , in a faraway land, dll.
3. Menggunakan kata hubung ( conjunction), seperti then , after that, before, dll.
Example : 
  A long time ago there lived a young couple, a man and his wife. His wife was expecting their baby. She wanted a plant that only grew in her neighbor's garden. She wanted it so much.
She even intended to steal it herself, but later on, she sent her husband to steal it.
  Unfortunately , mother gothel, the owner of the garden, caught him doing it. She was a witch. Then, mother gothel forced the couple to give their first baby to her.  
  A few months later, the baby was born. It was a girl and named Rapunzel. Soon, this baby was taken away to live with mother gother. Rapuzel Grew to be a beautiful young girl with her long golden hair. At first she was cared for in a normal way. When she reached puberty, she was loked in a tower so that she would never leave mother gothel. 
The towel stood in the forest. It could only be entered by climbing on Rapunzel's long hair. To cheer herself up, she loved to sing.
  One day, a young prince was out hunting. He stumbled upon the tower. He heard Rapunzel's beautiful voice. He decided that he must meet her. He spied and, by watching mother gothel, learned the words he had to say to have Rapunzel drop heir hair. The prince visited her often and two fell in love.
  Then, Rapunzel made a plan to escape from the tower. She wanted to be with the prince. She asked the prince to bring her a skein of silk each time he visited. She might weave a ladder for her escape. Unfortunately, mother gothel caught on. Then, she banished Rapunzel to the desert.
She threw the prince from the tower into a thorny bush. The thorns made the prince blind and he roamed the earth searching for his love.
  Eventually, they found each other, and the princes eyes were healed by Rapunzel's tears of happiness.  

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