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Kamis, 28 Mei 2009


Teks procedure bertujuan untuk Menerangkan bagaimana membuat/ melakukan sesuatu berdasarkan serangkaian langkah atau kegiatan (steps).
  Stuktur teks Procedure terdiri dari: 
1. Aim/Goal (tujuan) : dapat berupa judul
2. Materials : bahan dan alat yang di perlukan, namun tidak semua teks procedure memerlukan
  tahap ini.
3. Steps : langkah-langkah untuk melakukan kegiatan ( teks procedure).
  Karakteristik teks Procedure:
1. Menggunakan the simple present tense, biasanya terbentuk kalimat imperatif.
2. Menggunakan kata hubung temporal , seperti first, Second , then, next, Finally, dll.
3. Menggunakan action verbs, seperti turn on, stir, cook,dll. 
How To Operate a Digital camera
You Need: 
1. A digital camera 
2. An Object ( a friend/ classmate or something interesting you can find around the classroom
  or school yard) .
Follow the Steps below to take pictures : 
1. Hold up the camera and centre the object in the LCD.
2. Move closer or use the Zoom control for the result you want. 
3. When you're ready to take the picture, hold the shutter halfway. It is very important, so the 
  camera sets the focus , shutter speed, and various others collculations. This may take a few  
4. A light should appear that lets you know the camera is set to go.
5. press shutter all the way down.
It May be necessary to turn off the LCD and use the view finder when there is extreme sunlight or to conserve battery life. The glafe from the LCD does not work well with bright light.

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